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Nikolina Antičić Lović Volunteer/administration
Nikolina Antičić Lović was born in Split, in 1995., and in Makarska she finished high school. Through high school she engaged in volunteer work at retirement home in Makarska. Also, she was active as a volunteer at Udruga Savjetovalište Lanterna in Makarska. She went through education for young volunteers which was organized by Savjetovalište Lanterna in October 2012. Currently, she is a second-year student at sociology and communication sciences on Hrvatski studiji, Zagreb. She started volunteering at CEDIM in April 2016.
Dorotea Lavrenčak Volunteer/ Citizenship and ethnicity
Dorotea is the fourth year undergraduate political science student on a Faculty of political science in Zagreb. She went to Archbishop classical gymnasium in Šalata. So far, she volunteered at summer schools of Volunteer Centre Zagreb. Because of the interest in the subject matter and a desire for further research and contribution she joined CEDIM in 2016.
Ana Ćuća Volunteer/ Migration and asylum
Ana Ćuća is a second year student of Political Science at Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. Along with her studies, she is volunteering in a Student Club at her University. Since the beginning of the refugee crisis, she is volunteering in the "Welcome" Initiative which gave her a chance to work directly with refugees at borders and refugees camps. She is interested in the field of migration and asylum.
Petra Jakovina Volunteer/ Community management
Petra Jakovina is a third-year student of Journalism at Faculty of political science in Zagreb. She is writing for student newspaper Global and she is currently editor of its social section. She participated in few workshops which improved her skills in an ICT field and she was one of the participants at 3rd Student Interdisciplinary Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences. She worked on the news desk at RTL Television. Her aim is to inform the public about the various social problems and encourage them to activism.
Petra Šarić Volunteer/ Citizenship and ethnicity
Petra Šarić was born in Travnik in 1991.After completing undergraduate studies in Political Science, she enrolled in graduate studies within the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Zagreb where she chose majors in National security and European studies. She is interested in a number of areas of social sciences, specifically: the areas of democratic development, integration policies, educational theory, human rights and especially the rights of the vulnerable and marginalized groups. She is extremely interested in the theories of nationalism as well as bioethics. She joined CEDIM towards the end of 2015., after participating at the conference ''Being a citizen in Europe'', which was held in June of the same year. She has volunteered in the Student club of Faculty of Political Science, and she was a writer/editor at the student newspapers Global. Currently, besides CEDIM, she's volunteering at the Centre for democratization (CenDem).
Sivija Jesenaš Volunteer/ Citizenship and ethnicity
Silvija Jesenaš was born in 1992. in Bjelovar. After finishing the undergraduate study, she applied for graduate study at the Faculty of political science, University of Zagreb, where she focused on comparative branch of political studies and european studies. In free time her interests are philately, colecting of old paper money and photography. She loves foreign languages and speaks fluently English, Czech and Russian language. She become part of CEDIM's team of volonteers by the end of 2015. Areas of her academic interst are comparative political science, european studies, which she combines with focus topics of the CEDIM cetre such are nationality, citizenship, forced migrations and rights of minorities.
Sunčana Doričić Volunteer/ Community management
Sunčana Doričić is a third year student of Political Science at Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. Since the beggining of her faculty education, she has been enrolled in Radio Student programme, and became a part of its cultural redaction. She participated in European youth projects, which encompass various areas of study, such as social inclusion, active citizenship, democracy and leadership. She writes for Vox Feminae Net portal while exploring gender inequality and suppression. Her fields of interest are activism, gender problems and cultural policy. In her free time, she plays clarinet in an orchestra.
Tadija Čirjak Volunteer/ Citizenship and ethnicity
Tadija Čirjak, graduate student majoring in political science at the Faculty of the same name. Comparative politics and political theory were chosen directions of graduate studies. The subject of interest; nationality, ethnicity (as part of the CEDIM), and political theory in his spare time.
Mihaela Boltižar Volunteer/administration
Mihaela Boltižar was born in Bjelovar, where she finished Natural and Mathematical Gymnasium. After that, she enrolled in to Faculty of Political Sciences, study of political science, and she is currently a third year undergraduate student. At the end of 2015, interested in the research areas covered by the CEDIM, she becomes a volunteer in fields of administration and fund raising.
Leon Runje Volunteer/ Citizenship and ethnicity
Leon Runje graduated from the IX Gymnasium in 2010. That same year he enrolled in to the Faculty of Law at the University of Zagreb. He subsequently enrolled in to the Faculty of Political Science at the same university in 2013. He is fluent in English and has a basic understanding of the German language. He participated in the Belgrade and Croatia Model United Nations Conferences, the first of which awarded him the title of best delegate. In 2014 he became a volunteer at the CEDIM research center, where he specializes in the field of citizenship and ethnicity. His primary areas of academic interest are international relations and world history.
Petra Škokić Volunteer/ Gender studies
Petra Škokić is a fourth year student of Political Science at University of Zagreb. She joined the Center for the study of ethnicity, citizenship and migration (CEDIM) in 2014 as a research volunteer in fields of gender and sexuality.
Andrea Zeneral Volunteer/ Gender studies
Andrea Zeneral was born in 1993. in Rijeka, where she finished high school. She enrolled Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb, in 2012/13. Currently, she is on a fourth year of undergraduate degree in Politology. Her research interests are focused around areas of gender and sexuality.
Mateja Horvat Volunteer/ Citizenship and ethnicity
Máteja Horvat is a student of the 4th year of Political Science at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. So far, his work at the CEDIM was as a research assistant in the asylum and migration politics working paper data for Croatia in cooperation with the Copenhagen based EMHRN institute, working on the broadening of the data base and related academic articles related to citizenship, nationality and ethnicity and sorting the data base of constitutional court sentences of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia that are related to citizenship, nationality and ethnicity. His main research interests are ethnicity, nationality and citizenship and policies that accompany these fields.
Mia Jerman Volunteer/ Citizenship and ethnicity
Mia Jerman was born in Pula in 1992. She is a fifth-year-student of Political Science at University of Zagreb. Currently she is a technical assistant on the courses Social Psychology and Political Psychology, taught as elective courses on the first and second years of undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences. Since 2015 Mia is a research volunteer in the area of studies of citizenship and ethnicity at the Centre for the study of ethnicity, citizenship and migration – CEDIM. Since 2014 she is participating in the research activities of the project Social Performance, Cultural Trauma and Reeastablishing Solid Soveregnties. In 2015 she participated in the conference Modalities of Trauma in (Multi)Cultural Contexts: Protagonists, representations and re-coverings at the IUC, Dubrovnik. Mia's areas of academic and research interests involves: historical experiences of the war in Croatia, citizenship and ethnic studies and research issues related to the named areas.
Josipa Dika Volunteer/ Migration and asylum
Josipa Dika is a fourth year undergraduate student of political science at the University of Zagreb. As a volunteer, she was working with socially deprived groups, which gave her motivation to deal with this topic not just as an activist but also through academic research. At the moment, she participates in the project “Quality integration solutions for refugees” of CPS (Centre for Peace Studies) and as part of CEDIM (Centre for the Study of Ethnicity, Citizenship and Migration) on activities related to asylum and migrations. She is primarily interested in issues of socially deprived groups and their integration into society, specifically in the area of ​​asylum and irregular migrations. Her other academic interests are focused on the labor market, social rights and their realization.
Maja Šarić Volunteer/ Administration
She was born on 25th of July 1994 in Pula, where she attended primary school and secondary grammar school. Through high school she intensively dealt with voluntary work for the Red Cross Pula, which is significantly influenced the development of skills in working with children, the elderly and the vulnerable groups of people. Currently she is a Third year student in Political Science at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, where she is a technical assistant in course called Croatian Political system. In late 2014, she became a volunteer at the Center for Research of ethnicity, citizenship and migration, where it applies theoretical knowledge through practical application.
Maja Kurilić Volunteer/ Citizenship and ethnicity
Maja Kurilić is a fourth year undergraduate student of Political Science at the University of Zagreb. Through her current academic development, Maja participated in the project RAP - Real Active Participation that promotes youth participation in creating local policies and in the work of the NGO Transparency International Croatia . As part of the volunteer activities of CEDIM, she is involved in research activities of the project „Cultural Trauma , historical memory and social legacy of stereotypes and prejudices in a comparative perspective“ . Maja participates in the implementation of the qualitative part of the research , which includes field work and conducting in-depth qualitative interviews with target groups of the project . Maja's research interests are focused on the study of ethnicity and nationality, forced migration and the minority rights.
Zvonimir Karamatić Volunteer/ Migration and asylum
Master student at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, fields of study Political Theory and Public Policy. Interested in asylum and forced migrations.
Ana Marija Marinov Volunteer/ Migration and asylum
After graduating at the Gymnasium Antun Vrančić, she attended the University of political science in Zagreb, where she studied journalismuntil 2014. when she recieved her bachelors degree. In the next year she enrolled in the study of politology at the same University with intentions of acquireing a master degree in political science. Ana Marija works in filming and editing, she writes for a student monthly and fluently speaks English, German and Spanish.
Sara Skejo Volunteer/ Citizenship and ethnicity
Sara Skejo is a student of undergraduate studies in Political Science at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb. Through its current academic development, Sara was involved in several activities in student organizations, among which stands out the engagement in AIESEC, an international student organization that promotes student mobility and the development of innovation in post-conflict societies. Within the framework of voluntary activities in CEDIM, she is involved in the research activities of the project Cultural Trauma, historical memory and social legacy of stereotyping and prejudice in a comparative perspective. As part of the project, Sara participates in the implementation of qualitative research segment, which includes field work and implementation of in-depth interviews with target groups of the project. Research interests of Sara are focused on the study of ethnicity and nationality, protection of the rights of children and the promotion of animal rights.
Ružica Strelar Volunteer/ Gender studies
Ružica Strelar is currently studying journalism at the Faculty of political sciences in Zagreb, Croatia. She has a bachelor's degree in philosophy and Croatian culture. Previously, she has volunteered at Amnesty International Croatia. Her interests include gender studies, LGBT rights and human rights in general, orientalism and balkanism, discourse analysis and media practices.
Janja Pilić Volunteer/ Gender studies
Janja Pilić is a journalism MA student at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. For years, she has been participating as an active volunteer in local and international volunteering projects of peacebuilding, ecological awareness, intergenerational solidarity, conflict resolution and intercultural understanding organized by the Volunteers’ Centre Zagreb, SCI Catalonia and European Voluntary Service. She worked in management and promotion of events and workshops supporting human rights, tolerance, multiculturalism and individualism for the Jewish Film Festival Zagreb and Diversity Festival of Colors. After several years of freelancing as a journalist and director for the Croatian National Television’s TV show dedicated to youth culture, “Briljanteen”, she has recently started working at the RTL Television’s news programme.
Dora Šimunović Volunteer/ Administration
Dora Šimunović attended primary Waldorf School, music school and gymnasium in Rijeka, and now she is a third-year student of Faculty of Political science of Zagreb University. During her high school education she was a member of school’s debate club and school’s choir, finished Oratory school “Ivo Škarić”, practiced rowing and has been active in local scout group. Since she started studying in Zagreb she became a member of Team for international relations of Scouts of Croatia. Besides, she is the vice president of newly founded non-governmental organisation “The Hive” and the chief assistant in organisation of international cosmetics fair “Cosmetic News”.
Karla Škorjanc Volunteer
Karla Škorjanc is a third-year student of Political Science at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science. She is Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute (2012) alumna. She participated in Peace Building for Eastern Europe 2.0 conference in Moldova and Ukraine and was a part of organising committee of Young Leaders for Tomorrow’s Europe 2014 that took place in Bratislava in the summer of 2014. Karla was a part of her schools’ debate teams both in elementary and in high school. Her team was awarded on various national and international tournaments. She is currently adjudicating in elementary and high school tournaments.